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  Ⅰ. Complete the sentences with the best choice. Write your right letter on the Answer Sheet:(30%)

  1. He would rather you ______ so much money with you.

  A. don't take B. didn't take

  C. won't take D. are not taking

  2. It is said that our heart is nearest ______.

  A. in size to our fist B. to the size in our fist

  C. to our fist in the size D. in the size to our fist

  3. ______ into the classroom when the visiting scholar began his lecture.

  A. The moment we rushed B. No sooner had we rushed

  C. Hardly did we rush D. Scarcely had we rushed

  4. These chickens require ______ attentively.

  A. to be taken care B. taking care of

  C. taken care of D. to have been taken care of

  5. I do think that it's time ______ to stop cheating in tests.

  A. something was done B. everything should be done

  C. something is done D. all to be done

  6. Though the job was hard and new to them, he ______ accomplish it in two weeks.

  A. succeeded to B. managed to

  C. tried to D. failed to

  7. All the ______ thinking people support the freedom struggle of the Black people of South Africa.

  A. forward B. advanced

  C. progressive D. improving

  8. A ______ means the head of some universities, colleges, and schools.

  A. Principle B. Minister

  C. Principal D. Dean

  9. A stranger attacked an old man in the train and ______ him of all his money.

  A. stole B. deceived

  C. forced D. robbed

  10. These insects can ______ the color of their background, so that their enemies can't see them.

  A. take on B. take to

  C. take over D. take in

  11. Some of his books are saved from the fire, but ______ missing.

  A. most of mine is B. most of mine are

  C. most of my is D. most of me are

  12. We have produced ______ this year as we did in 1993.

  A. as much cotton twice B. as twice much cotton

  C. much as twice cotton D. twice as much cotton

  13. I was worried very much because I'll miss my flight if the bus arrives ______.

  A. lately B. late

  C. latter D. latest

  14. ______ John should have passed the exam.

  A. It is no surprise that B. It is surprised that

  C. That's no surprise that D. To surprise me that

  15. Do you know the student ______ I often talk with?

  A. what B. whom

  C. as D. who


  Complete the passage by putting in the blanks the correct choice. Write your right letter on the Answer Sheet:

  If it takes you six hours to read this book, somewhere in the world 2,500 people will have died of starvation or of hunger瞨elated illness by the time you 1 .

  Why are so many 2 ? Susan George affirms with conviction, and with solid evidence, that it is not because there 3 too many passengers on “Spaceship Earth”, not because of bad weather of changing climates, but because food 4 by the rich. 5 the poor go hungry.

  The multinational agribusiness corporations, Western governments with their food “aid” policies and supposedly neutral multilateral development organizations 6 responsibility for their 7 . They all work in cooperation 8 local elites themselves nurtured and protected by the powerful in the 9 world. United States agripower gives the way, leads the pack and is 10 imposing its control over the whole planet.

  Only those 11 people who can become consumers will eat in the Brave New World being shaped 12 the well瞗ed. The standard liberal solutions to 13 the world — population control or the Green Revolution—are just what the hungry poor don't need. All they need is social change, otherwise known as 14 . With that, they could, and would, resolve most of their problems 15 .

  1.A. spend B. read C. finish D. overtake

  2.A. hungry B. poor C. rich D. civilized

  3.A. are B. were C. aren't D. left

  4.A. was offered B. is controlled C. is meant D. is yielded

  5.A. However B. After all C. Still D. Only

  6.A. shift B. share C. originate D. insure

  7.A. inspection B. help C. fate D. impact

  8.A. to B. against C. with D. among

  9.A. developed B. developing C. whole D. current

  10.A. ideally B. repeatedly C. gradually D. exclusively

  11.A. unlucky B. ill-fed C. willing D. fortunate

  12.A. without B. by C. into D. over

  13.A. affecting B. changing C. ruling D. feeding

  14.A. trend B. might C. evolution D. justice

  15.A. in no time B. ourselves C. themselves D. by them

  Ⅲ. Choose the correct paraphrasing of the following sentences, and then write your right letter on the Answer Sheet:(10%)

  1. But nothing becomes an icon more than a tragic and early death.

  A. A tragic and early death can make a common person an icon.

  B. Without a tragic and early death, it is still impossible for a person to be an icon even if he has good looks and a special charisma.

  C. But the easiest way for a celebrity to be an icon is a tragic and early death.

  D. But all icon must have a tragic and early death.

  2. That did not answer; the sherry was a little too dry.

  A. His efforts of selling sherry proved a failure; the sherry was not moist enough.

  B. Nobody answered his hawking; people did not buy his sherry because it was too dry.

  C. His trail of selling sherry did not provide a solution; he soon became tired of it again.

  D. He did not get money in this business; the sherry dried out and he had nothing to sell.

  3. The Sea Around Us was a delightful antidote to our ignorance.

  A. Because of our ignorance, The Sea Around Us becomes a delightful reading-matter.

  B. It is not only a delightful book but also a useful one, because it can cure the disease of ignorance.

  C. Being an appealing book, The Sea Around Us enlarged our limited knowledge of the ocean and its creatures.

  D. The Sea Around Us is a healthy book which is especially helpful for the ignorant.

  4. But he could see that the gift required caution and watchfulness.

  A. But he could see that only person with caution and watchfulness would have such gift.

  B. But he could understand that the gift always comes together with caution and watchfulness.

  C. It was apparent to him that the gift was very careful and watching when it was benficical.

  D. But he understood that he must use his gift in a careful and alert way, or it might be harmful.

  5. Get out in the kitchen and help Doris do those dirty dishes.

  A. Get out from here and go to the kitchen; help Doris making the dishes dirty.

  B. Go to the kitchen and help Doris make dishes.

  C. Go out from here and go to the kitchen; help Doris wash those dirty dishes.

  D. Go out and go to the kitchen; help Doris move those dishes.

  Ⅳ. Translate the following sentences into English, and then write your answer on the Answer Sheet:(15%)

  1. 那位老人的子女不明白,从市场买菜更便宜,他为什么还要费大劲自己去种菜。(take the trouble to)

  2. 谁也没有找出解决问题的方法,最后还是比尔想出了个主意。(come up with)

  3. 她希望她女儿能够自立,而不要靠她的丈夫养活。(be dependent on)

  4. 你要是穿这件连衣裙去参加葬礼,你会出丑的。(make a fool of)

  5. 他是一个能力很强的律师,但在同行中间人缘不太好。(popular with)

  Ⅴ. Read the following passages and complete the statements or answer the questions with the correct choice. Write your right letter on the Answer Sheet.(30%)

  Passage 1

  Perhaps no single monument in the USA is as famous as the Statue of Liberty. Standing on a small island in New York Harbor, the crowned lady, holding aloft in her right hand the torch of freedom and in her left hand a tablet which is inscribed “July 4th, 1776”, is a symbol of American democracy. She is colossal. She is 151 ft. high and the pedestal on which she stands is almost as much. An elevator takes visitors to the top of the pedestal, around which a balcony runs.

  A spiral staircase goes up to the crown, and another to the torch. The State of Liberty was a gift to the USA from France in 1886, as a mark of friendship and also in memory of the aid France gave the Americans during the American Revolution.

  For millions of immigrants the Statue was their first sight of the promised land, and for a few it was also the last, as they sailed back home again. About a mile from Liberty Island, there is another small island, called Ellis Island, which was looked upon with dread by the immigrants. For it was here that they had to wait their turn to be examined by doctors and officials. Most of the immigrants could not speak a word of English. But only two out of 100 immigrants were refused admission to New York City. Often the person refused turned out to be a grand-mother or a weary, frightened girl mistakenly labeled “feeble-minded.” Sometimes husbands and wives were parted because one of them happened to have a bad cough and was suspected of having tuberculosis.

  New York City was a bitter disillusionment to some immigrants. Far from being a city paved with gold, it was a city teeming with overcrowded, unhealthy and unsafe ghettos. The immigrants looked for earlier immigrants of their own nationality or religion. So Italian, Polish, Irish, Jewish neighborhoods grew up. Because they could not speak English, the newcomers found it difficult to get work at once, and their living quarters were often slums.

  However, they found in the USA opportunities of bettering themselves. Today immigrants no longer have to endure the indignities of Ellis Island. The grim buildings were closed down in 1924. In 1976, Ellis Island became an historic monument.

  1. Which of the following is the best title for this passage?

  A. Gateway to the USA B. Statue of Liberty

  C. Ellis Island D. Immigrants of the USA

  2. The word “colossal”(Para.1, Line 4) means ______.

  A. miniature B. colorful C. enormous D. beautiful

  3. Immigrants looked upon Ellis Island with dread because ______.

  A. they could not speak a word

  B. they might be refused admission to the USA

  C. husbands and wives might be recognized

  D. they were suspected

  4. Paragraph 4 implies that ______.

  A. New York City was paved with gold

  B. immigrants of the same nationality or religion lived in the same building

  C. immigrants lived everywhere

  D. some immigrants were disappointed at New York City

  5. Which of the following statements is not true?

  A. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France.

  B. France gave the USA the Statue to commemorate the aid they received from the US.

  C. The Statue of Liberty is the most famous monument in the USA.

  D. The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of American democracy.

  passage 2

  In cities with rent control, the city government sets the maximum rent that a landlord can charge for an apartment. Supporters of rent control argue that it protects people who are living in apartments. Their rent cannot increase; therefore they are not in danger of losing their homes. However, the critics say that after a long time, rent control may have negative effects. Landlords know that they cannot increase their profits. Therefore, they invest in other businesses where they can increase their profits. They do not invest in new building which would also be rent-controlled. As a result, new apartments are not built. Many people who need apartments cannot find any. According to the critics, the end result of rent control is a shortage of apartments in the city.

  Some theorists argue that the minimum wage law can cause problems in the same way. The federal government sets the minimum that an employer must pay workers. The minimum hepls people who generally look for unskilled, low-paying jobs. However, if the minimum is high, employers may hire fewer workers. They will replace workers with machinery. The price, which is the wage that employers must pay, increases. Therefore, other things being equal, the number of workers that employers want decreases. Thus, critics claim, an increase in the minimum wage may cause unemployment. Some poor people may find themselves without jobs instead of with jobs at the minimum wage.

  Supporters of the minimum wage say that it hepls people keep their dignity. Because of the law, workers cannot sell their services for less than the minimum. Furthermore employers cannot force workers to accept jobs at unfair wages.

  Economic theory predicts the results of economic decisions such as decisions about farm production, rent control, and the minimum wage. The predictions may be correct only if “other things are equal”. Economists do not agree on some of the predictions. They also do not agree on the value of different decisions. Some economists support a particular decision while others criticize it. Economists do agree, however, that there are no simple answers to economic questions.

  6. There is the possibility that setting maximum rent may ______.

  A. cause a shortage of apartments

  B. worry those who rent apartments as homes

  C. increase the profits of landlords

  D. encourage landlords to invest in building apartments

  7. We can safely say that rent control ______.

  A. will always benefit those who rent apartments

  B. is unnecessary

  C. will bring negative effects in the long run

  D. is necessary under all circumstances

  8. The problem of unemployment will arise ______.

  A. if the minimum wage is set too high

  B. if the minimum wage is set too low

  C. if the worker are unskilled

  D. if the maximum wage is set

  9. The passage tells us ______.

  A. the relationship between supply and demand

  B. the possible results of government controls

  C. the necessity of government controls

  D. the urgency of getting rid of government controls

  10. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

  A. The results of economic decisions can not always be predicted.

  B. Minimum wage can always protect employees.

  C. Economic theory can predict the results of economic decisions if other factors are not changing.

  D. Economic decisions should not be based on economic theory.

  Passage 3

  The Norwegian Government is doing its best to keep the growth of the oil industry under control. A new law limits exploration to an area south of the southern end of the long coastline: production limits have been laid down (though these have already been raised); and oil companies have not been allowed to employ more than a limited number of foreign workers. But the oil industry has a way of getting over such problems, and few people believe that the Government will be able to hold things back for long. As one Norwegian politician said last week:“We will soon be changed beyond all recognition”.

  Ever since the year, the Government has been carrying out a program of development in the area north of the Arctic Circle. During the past few years this program has had a great deal of success: Tromso has been built up into a local capital with a university, a large hospital and a healthy industry. But the oil industry has already started to draw people south, and within a few years the whole northern policy could be in ruins.

  The effects of the development of the oil industry would not be limited to the north, however. With nearly 100 percent employment, everyone can see a situation developing in which the service industries and the tourist industry will lose most of their workers to the oil industry. Some smaller industries might even disappear altogether when it becomes cheaper to buy goods from abroad.

  The real argument over oil is its threat to the Norwegian way of life. Farmers and fishermen do not made up the majority of the population but they are an important part of it because Norwegians see in them many of the qualities that they regard with pride as essentially Norwegian. And it is the farmers and the fishermen who are most critical of the oil industry because of the damage that it might cause to the countryside and to the sea.

  11. The Norwegian Government would prefer the oil industry to ______.

  A. slow down its rate of development

  B. provide more jobs for Norwegians

  C. look for oil on the southern coast

  D. develop more quickly than at present

  12. What has the Norwegean Government's policy been for the area north of the Arctic Cricle since the war?

  A. To prevent a growth in population.

  B. To improve facilities in the area.

  C. To develop a large tourist industry.

  D. To discourage industrial development.

  13. What might be the effect of the oil industry on northern Norway?

  A. The development of industry.

  B. A growth in population.

  C. The failure of the development program.

  D. The development of new towns.

  14. In Norway, the effect of the development of the oil industry might be ______.

  A. a large reduction in unemployment

  B. an increase in unemployment in the north

  C. a reduction in the number of service industries

  D. the development of a number of service industries

  15. Why are Norwegian farmers and fishermen important?

  A. The economy depends on agriculture and fishing.

  B. They form the majority of the population.

  C. They are thought of as the real Norwegians.

  D. They are responsible for prevention pollution.

  Passage 4

  Once it was possible to define male and female roles easily by the division of labor. Men worked outside the home and earned the income to support their families, while women cooked the meals and took care of the home and the children. These roles were firmly fixed for most people, and there was not much opportunity for men or women to exchange their roles. But by the middle of this century, men's and women's roles were becoming less firmly fixed.

  In the 1950s, economic and socioal success was the goal of the typical American. But in the 1960s a new force developed called the counterculture. The people involved in this movement did not value the middle-class American goals. The counterculture presented men and women with new role choices. Taking more interest in child-care, men began to share child-rising tasks with their wives. In fact, some young men and women moved to communal homes or farms where the economic and child-care responsibilities were shared equally by both sexes. In addition, many Americans did not value the traditional male role of soldier. Some young men refused to be drafted as soldiers to fight in the war in Vietnam.

  In terms of numbers, the counterculture was not a very large group of people. But its influence spread to many parts of American society. Working men of all classes began to change their economic and social patterns. Industrial workers and business executives alike cut down on “overtime” work so that they could spend more leisure time with their families. Some doctors, lawyers, and teachers turned away from high paying situations to practice their professions in poorer neighborhoods.

  In the 1970s, the feminist movement, or women's liberation, produced additional economic and social changes. Women of all ages and at all levels of society were entering the work force in greater numbers. Most of them still took traditional women's jobs such as public school teaching, nursing, and secretarial work. But some women began to enter traditionally male occupations: police work, banking, dentistry, and construction work. Women were asking for equal work, and equal opportunities for promotion.

  Today the experts generally agree that important changes are taking place in the roles of men and women. Naturally, there are difficulties in adjusting to these changes.

  16. Which of the following best expresses the main idea of Paragraph 1?

  A. Women usually worked outside the home for wages.

  B. Men's and women's roles were easily exchanged in the past.

  C. Men's roles at home was more firmly fixed than women's.

  D. Men's and women's roles were usually quite separated in the past.

  17. Which sentence best expresses the main idea of Paragraph 2?

  A. The first sentence.

  B. The second and the third sentences.

  C. The fourth sentence.

  D. The last sentence.

  18. In the passage the author suggests that the counterculture ______.

  A. destroyed the United States

  B. changed some American values

  C. was not important in the United States

  D. brought people more leisure time with their families

  19. It could be inferred from the passage that ______.

  A. men and women will never share the same goals.

  B. some men will be willing to change their traditional male roles

  C. most men will be happy to share some of the household responsibilities with their wives

  D. more American households are headed by women than ever before

  20. The best title for the passage may be ______.

  A. Results of Feminist Movement

  B. New Influences in American Life

  C. Counterculture and Its Consequence

  D. Traditional Division of Male and Female Roles




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